Chimney Repair Services

The roofing team at 4 Guys and a Roof knows that it’s not just your roof that needs attention. The entire structure of your roof should be inspected for issues regularly, and this includes chimneys, flashing, gutters, and all components of what can be a complicated roofing system. 4 Guys and a Roof offers a full line of chimney repair services, no matter if your chimney is metal, brick, functional, or decorative. We repair and also do partial rebuilds of chimneys due to damage or weather, making them look as good as new. Most importantly, we will check to make sure that all appropriate ventilation is in place, and that protective barriers are installed in chimneys to prevent damage from weather and animals where appropriate.

A Critical Component of a Stable Roof

Most homeowners might not know this, but the chimney is one of the most important structures on your roof, even if you don’t have a fireplace! Chimneys often act as a component of your furnace system or can provide valuable ventilation and air access to other components in the house. Even if it’s simply a decorative chimney, if it is not properly cared for, it can let in rainwater and snowmelt. These leaks can damage the roofing structure underneath and possibly leak into your home. It is also a cozy spot for birds and wild animals, all of which can damage your roof if left unattended. Damaged chimneys are one of the most common sources of water leaks in a home. Trust your roof and chimney repair jobs to the experienced and talented roofing professionals at 4 Guys and a Roof.

Toledo’s Chimney Repair Contractors

4 Guys and a Roof provides a full line of chimney and roof repair services for whatever your home may need. From emergency repair services to a full inspection and diagnosis of where your hole or water leak may be coming from, we will make sure that your roof is fixed right the first time. We treat your home like our own and make sure that attention is paid to every detail to ensure that your roof has the longest and most durable protection possible. Put your trust in a team of local, experienced experts to take care of all your chimney and roof repair needs.

4 Guys and a Roof are Toledo’s most experienced and dependable roof repair service.

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