4 Guys and a Roof knows that no one wants to spend money on their roof. It’s a cost of owning a home, and an investment in keeping your property and your family safe. That’s why we work hard to provide you with exceptional roof repair services for as cost-effective a price as possible. From torn or missing shingles to full roof tear-offs and reinstallations, we are capable of handling any roof repair need your home may come across. We also offer roof repair services for commercial buildings and multifamily units. No matter what your home or facility looks like, 4 Guys and a Roof are here for you.

More than Just a Roof

Your roof is a complicated series of components, including the housing structure, attic, ventilation, insulation, flashing, shingles, and all the other pieces that keep your home safe from water and weather damage. You need an expert crew to diagnose and repair what problems may exist before little issues turn into big ones. Make sure to hire a team of certified and licensed roofing contractors like those at 4 Guys and a Roof, contractors with experience and a track record of happy homeowners. Your roof is not something you want to take lightly, as unattended or improperly fixed problems can become big and costly in a very short time.

Roof Repair Services

In cases of extreme weather or storm damage, we will work as quickly as possible to provide you and your family with answers and attention. We work hard to take every roofing problem seriously, and understand that every minute we wait your exposure to water and weather increases. Bear with us in these times of community need, as we will often be busy trying to attend to everyone's needs. Just know that we will work tirelessly to get to every Toledo area homeowner who calls us as quickly as possible.

4 Guys and a Roof are Toledo’s most experienced and dependable roof repair service.

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